Hi, I am Olaf.

Working as a personal consultant since more than 10 years. Coaching Business.

Supporting artists, athletes and business people to start through and to find an appropiate organisation for the job and a balance between the public and private life.

You earn your money in one of these or other jobs. Business welcome.

Boxing woman

And you have the feeling some details could be improved

You like to start or reload your career
You  ask yourself how to deal with the pressure
You feel a lack of motivation
Your job eats you up
The relationship with your friends or your family is not quite good
You turned your hobby into a job and now there is nothing else
You are not sure about the way you are perceived by your colleagues or the public
Your management squeezes you out like a lemon :)
Everybody tells you that you are always right

Then it could be a suitable time to contact me!

Nice to meet you.

I am Olaf, your personal consultant.
Regulary I support artists, athletes and business people. I could help you to find the way to start or come back on track. Together we could also work on some details or a new way.
Hoping you received enough information for the moment. If we both like to work together you can be sure I will find the right words and individual actions  for you. Making plans. Even going through something with you.
Let's chat

How can I help you?

    Hi, my name is and you can reach me at .

    Here's what I'd like to discuss with you: